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How can you prepare a strong application for study permit in Canada

11th November 2022 (03:11 pm) / SuccessVisa

How can you prepare a strong application for study permit in Canada

 The IRCC is responsible for maintaining the entire process of visa approvals. Nowadays, the approval of the Canadian student visa rate has increased in the past years.

A study permit validates a student's right to study, even if he or she is admitted to top Canadian universities with excellent academic scores. To pursue a degree at a university, college, or other educational institution in Canada, you will need a study permit.

Requirements for a Canadian visa:

 A brief description of the general things required for the success of a Canadian visa is listed below:

After reviewing the student's background, the Canadian college or university provides an acceptance letter to the student on behalf of the institution for registration. That letter is known as POA (Proof of Acceptance). This is the first step towards obtaining a Canadian visa and is handled by the DLI.

Admission to an educational institute is usually conditioned on providing proof of identity. In a few cases, guardians are allowed to accompany their children to school. At that time, passports, pan cards, adhaar cards, etc., are required.

· Proof of Funding: The most important consideration for Canadian students is funding. Evidence of funding can include funds provided by promoters and institutes for students who achieve good scores in their academics.

Documents submitted as proof of finance are given below:

  • Account statement from the last half year.
  • An educational loan is provided by a bank.
  • GIC.
  • Scholarship certificates from school.

Letter of Explanation: 

This letter describes the student's future plans. An experienced consultant is needed to assist with this. The writing of this letter can be beneficial in many ways since it contains viewpoints that are shared in some circumstances.

The Certificate of Allowance for Studying in Quebec (CAQ) 

This is crucial for candidates wishing to study in Quebec. Learners can stay temporarily in that country in this way. If any of the pupils want to live permanently there, they will need to CSQ. The educational advisor will give you directions related to its application.

Eligibility criteria for a Canadian student visa:

Candidates must complete the necessary processes in order to be approved for a Canadian visa. Over the past few years, Canada has become one of the top countries for providing student visas. This popularity has led to an increase in the number of students who want to study abroad. Candidates must ensure they meet the suitability procedure that should be submitted. The main reason behind the refusal of file is just due to the differences occurring in the identity proofs or attached certificates.

The measures that are crucial for a study permit visa are listed below:

  • Acceptance to the Designated Learning Institute
  • Need proper funding

A person has to be healthy and not suffer from any dangerous diseases. For this, the appropriate certificate from the doctor is necessary including all medical reports.

The certificate from the applicant in which the time period of study and staying there is mentioned.

Checklist before submitting an application for an academic allowance:

The checklist is the most important concept while starting the application. This will assist in protecting from errors in the profile, which may cause the file to be refused. 

The necessary items are given below for the Canadian study visa file:

  • Correct passport.
  • Study record
  • SOP
  • Documents of extra attainments
  • Letter of acceptance from a college or university
  • Evidence of fees submitted
  • Money for funds
  • Student visa
  • English ability
  • GIC

At SuccessVisa, we can help you with your course selection and university choice in Canada, including:

  • Options for waiver of application fees and submission of applications
  • Tuition fee payment and acceptance of the offer
  • Information and assistance regarding visas
  • Instructions for pre-departure

*This article is purely for information purposes and is based on the data available at the time. The rule and It is suggested that the candidate personally verify the Rule and Regulations before applying.