Australia Immigration Points Calculator

A candidate can acquire Australia migration points by meeting the requirements listed below in order to obtain the required minimum number of Australia migration points.

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For applicants who are between the ages of 18 and 44, points will be awarded if they meet the following requirements:


  • Bachelor/Masters
  • Recog. Universities

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The applicant must demonstrate his competency in the language by submitting the test results from any recognized English language proficiency test that is recognized by the college or university.

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Select Skilled Employment

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Select Austrilian Study Requirement

  • 92 weeks Courses

Select Specialist Education Qualification- Australia

  • Doctorate/Masters Degree

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Overseas Experience points (Experience outside Australia): If the applicant has accumulated three, five, or eight years of overseas experience in the nominated occupation in the last ten years, they can claim points for that experience.

Our team at SuccessVisa has developed a tool to assist you with assessing your points for migration to Australia. The points, however, are not final and are based solely on the information provided by you and the points set by the government at the time. The final assessment requires verification of your documents