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Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC)

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heath insurance

You should take out overseas visitors' insurance whatever your reason for visiting Australia. In Australia, having a medical insurance policy gives you access to quality health care and mitigates the risk of paying full-cost medical bills.

Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC) protects you against illness or injury while you are visiting Australia on a temporary visa. The OVHC provides assistance to international visitors attending hospital stays, doctor's visits, prescription medicine, and ambulance services while in Australia. The services you can access depend on the policy you purchase.

You may be required to purchase insurance as part of your visa application. International visitors, who are not covered by Australia's public health system, should consider an OVHC policy before arriving for a long-term stay.

Overseas Visitor Health Cover?

A majority of OVHC policies include ambulance coverage if the ambulance service deems it medically necessary. To avoid unnecessary out-of-pocket costs, make sure you understand what your policy covers.

A set amount of time must pass before you can make a claim under an OVHC. It is called a waiting period, and it varies depending on what benefit you are claiming. For example, you may need to wait 12 months before claiming pregnancy services but only two months before claiming dental services. A waiting period might not be required for some services.

As a condition of your visa, you are required to maintain adequate health insurance for you and your family members. As a result, the visa holder is required to maintain adequate health insurance while in Australia.