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Canada Student Visa

For Indian students, Canada is considered the top place which is the house of the most famous educational institutes. Canada offers various benefits for international students that increase curiosity not only among Indian students.

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For Indian students, Canada is considered the top place which is the house of the most famous educational institutes. Canada offers various benefits for international students that increase curiosity not only among Indian students but also in other countries every year. According to the data in 2019, more than 642,480 students chose Canada for their higher education. Canada has cultural diversity and beautiful views and by USNEWS, it has been ranked one for the quality of life. Even it gets the 2nd rank in overall rankings for its Adventures, Cultural and Business opportunities.

Canada is the top destination for its educational system. Students who study in Canada get easy access to various types of Technological advancements in educational institutes and it is a very safe destination to continue studying. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Canada uses more per capita income to provide quality education as compared to other countries. Along with it, Canadian degrees hold a good position to the degrees from the USA, Australia, and other Europe nations.


It is a fast visa procedure that gives access to students from some nations including India, to apply to Canadian institutes for studying. Learners can receive visas within 20 days if they fulfill all the entry requirements.

Advantages of the SDS Category:


Canadian Education System offers a wide range of courses that have practical work to attract students. Its main aim is to make the students successful in every aspect of life.

Canadian degrees have a good reputation at the worldwide level. The reason why students choose Canada’s fee structure is because it is quite affordable compared to other nations. During the course, students can work under various well-reputed companies to enhance their experience.

Furthermore, Canada has numerous benefits for international students.

  1. Cultural Diversity: In Canadian Institutions, students are studying from every corner of the world which is the main reason for the diverse culture in Canada. According the Fortune Magazine, Toronto and Ontario are considered the top international cities.
  2. Lifestyle of Canada: Canada has the top education system, less crime rate, less violence, and affordable living expenses which is very important to balancing life. According to the UN Survey, Canada has been the ranked destination for the past 9 years for living, working, and studying.
  3. Work Opportunities: During the duration of the course, Canada gives the right to international students to do part-time work to manage their financial condition by paying for living. The maximum duration for part-time for is 20 hours/week.
  4. Living Standard: Most of the students are curious to pursue study in Canada due to the standard of living. Canada has various facilities such as shopping centers, Gyms, Colleges, Universities, and Art galleries. Moreover, educational institutes use used latest technology.
  5. Reasonable expenses: Canada has an affordable fee structure of tuition fees that increases the number of international students. It has a low rate of inflation as compared to the other famous nations.
  6. Research Values: Knowledge is possible only because of research. Canadian universities offer several scholarships for students that increase the competition among talented students. Sometimes Canadian Government and private companies afford the cost of research which enhances the interest of learners in research programs.


You must have a temporary work visa along with your study permit which depends on your living area. Canada study permit is a document that was issued by the Canadian Government which permits other country's citizens to study in Canada. To get admission to Canadian colleges and universities, students have to follow several instructions. First of all, you must appear in the IELTS exam from which you must get a minimum of 6 bands. Apart from that you must have an offer letter from Canadian Educational Institutes. Some other documents are needed before applying for the Canadian Visa Procedure.



It is important to have a Canadian study visa to pursue your study in Canada. This visa can be received by applying online or through a paper application. The paper application can be obtained from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. This type of application usually takes more time so it is very important to check the processing time before applying.

Here are some steps for attaining a Canadian Student Visa:

  1. Check the processing time: Students can get visas within 2-4 weeks. So, students must need to check it on the Canadian consulate website. It is always remember, the mentioned visa process time is approximate, and sometimes it takes more time according to your profile.
  2. Select your way to apply: There are two types of applying :
  3. To get full assistance with the visa filling process, you just need to fill out a consent form. However, you can also get help from the consultant.
  4. Pay Processing Fees: Visa fees including embassy charges must be paid. If your children/spouse/ partner is also going with you, it is important to pay fees for them also.
  5. After the processing fees, you will receive a receipt that has a unique tracking number which is necessary to apply.
  6. After successfully submitting your visa application, the candidate will receive a request for a passport from the Canadian Government.


International students can work part-time during the course and can easily manage their living expenses. The working hours are different according to the course of your study. Mostly, students can work for 20 hours/week during the course and can work full-time during the semester break. Various institutes offer co-op/ internship programs for students:
  1. Working off-campus: Students have 20 hours/ week to work part-time during academic sessions and they can work full-time during vacations.
  2. Working on-campus: If students have a valid study permit, they can work on-campus at the Canadian Institutes.
  3. Co-op / Internships: Those students who have more practical work in their study course, can work for companies that have internships with the college or university.