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Guide to understand Scoring System for PTE Academic

03rd May 2023 (12:05 pm) / SuccessVisa

Guide to understand Scoring System for PTE Academic

About the PTE Exam?

The majority of countries recognize the Pearson Test of English (PTE), which is a standardized exam. The test is designed to test your proficiency as a non-native English speaker who wishes to pursue a career in speech therapy. You will be allowed to practice speech therapy in a particular country based on the score you receive in this exam. The PTE Exam measures students' ability in four core skill sets: listening, reading, speaking, and writing to evaluate their ability to understand. There are two PTE exam formats: PTE General and PTE Academic. The PTE General is controlled worldwide, whereas the PTE Academic test is only agreed upon in particular countries.

Overview of the PTE Score Chart

The PTE exam score represents your proficiency in English or knowledge of the language. It is not easy to evaluate PTE scores. PTE scores are determined by taking all of the skills tested by the PTE test format and averaging them. Pronunciation, grammar, oral fluency, spelling, written abilities, and PTE communicative skills are all taken into account when calculating the overall Pearson PTE score, which ranges from 30-90.

PTE Scoring System?

Some responses are rated solely based on their accuracy and error when using the PTE scoring system, while others are rated based on the formal aspects (e.g., the word limit of the task) or the excellence of the answer (e.g., confidence and pronunciation). PTE exam calculators make use of two grading methods:

Grading System: In a positive judgment system, the aspirant scores one point for each correct answer without worrying about negative markings.

Partial credit: Responsibility under this process is scored as partially correct, correct, or incorrect. A candidate gets full points if she or he answers a task accurately; extra points are awarded if she or he answers partly right; and no points if they answer incorrectly.

 Evaluation of the PTE Score Chart

The concept of a strong PTE score can be confusing for candidates. There is a standard of excellence for each of the PTE components—speaking, writing, listening, and reading—and points are awarded based on them. PTE score tables can be used by aspirants to compare these scores. With the details given in the table below, candidates will be able to build a strong identification for the amended PTE chart score.

PTE Scores

Level of Excellence


10 – 29



30 – 42       



43 - 58      






76- 84        

Very Good


85 - 90