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Student Visa in the United Kingdom

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Student Visa in the United Kingdom

Student Visa in the UK

Unlock Your Potential: Pursue Education in the UK


The United Kingdom offers a transformative educational experience that equips individuals to excel globally. Renowned universities, innovative teaching methods, and exceptional faculty create an environment where students can realise their ambitions and make a significant impact. With a rich history of nurturing influential minds, including a quarter of the world's leaders, the UK is the ideal destination for those aspiring to greatness.

  • Eligibility

    • Must be 16 years old or above.
    • You have received an offer from a licensed student sponsor.
    • Demonstrate sufficient financial means to support yourself and cover course expenses.
    • Possess English language proficiency.
    • Provide parental consent for applicants aged 16 or 17.
  • Application Timeline

    • From outside the UK: You can submit your visa application as early as six months before your course commencement and typically receive a decision within three weeks.
    • From within the UK: You can apply three months before your course start date. It is essential to apply before the current visa expires, and the new course must begin within 28 days after the current visa expiration. A decision is generally provided within eight weeks for in-country applications.
  • Duration of Stay

    • Individuals aged 18 or above enrolled in degree-level courses can usually remain in the UK for up to five years, while those pursuing below degree-level courses can typically stay for up to two years.
  • Extensions and Switching to a Student Visa

    • Extensions may be possible for eligible individuals, such as those continuing their studies in the UK and switching to a Student visa from another visa category if already present in the country.
    • Additionally, a Graduate visa allows individuals to stay in the UK for at least two years after completing their course.
  • Travel to the UK

    • Individuals can arrive before their course starts, with specific timeframes depending on the course duration.
    • For courses lasting six months or less, individuals can arrive up to one week before the start date, while for courses exceeding six months, arrival up to one month in advance is permitted.
    • Travelling to the UK before the start date stated on the visa is not essential, regardless of the course commencement date.
  • Application Fees

    • Applying from outside the UK costs £363, while extending or switching to a Student visa from within the UK costs £490. The visa fee applies to each accompanying person as well.
    • Additionally, applicants must pay the healthcare surcharge as part of the application, with the amount determined by the visa duration.
  • Dependants

    • Dependents, including partners and children, may be eligible to accompany the visa holder.
  • Permitted Activities

    • Permitted activities on a Student visa include studying and working as a student union sabbatical officer.
    • The ability to work is subject to study requirements, whether within or outside of term time.
    • However, individuals on a Student visa are prohibited from claiming public funds or pensions, working in certain occupations such as professional sports, being self-employed, or studying at an academy or a local authority-funded school (maintained school).
    • Successful applicants will receive detailed information on the activities they can and cannot engage in while on a Student visa.

Fast-Track Your UK Visa Application from Outside the UK!

Candidates applying from outside UK have the option to expedite the decision process! With the priority service, you can receive a decision within 5 working days, while the super priority service delivers results by the end of the next working day. 

The faster decision option depends on your application type and identity verification method. Additional fees apply for expedited services. For visas that offer settlement in the UK, applicants have to pay an additional £573. For visas that do not offer settlement in the UK, the cost of Priority Service is an additional £250. Opting for the super-priority service incurs an additional fee of £956. Don't wait—get your UK visa faster!

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